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Intermission is a professional facial studio with a vintage movie theme - it’s that simple. Before chemicals and facial fillers, there was the Golden Age of Hollywood, where the most beautiful men and women graced our silver screens. Movie houses were overflowing with fans wanting to escape from a troubled society and the Great Depression. Jean Harlow, Katherine Hepburn, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Joan Crawford, William Powell, Myrna Loy, and Shirley Temple are just a few of those Hollywood legends that live forever on screen. Movie patrons enjoyed a much grander film viewing experience than what we are familiar with today. Lavish Art Deco theaters were filled with plush velvet seats; and of course, every movie had an intermission - a break or brief recess between acts of a play or film screening.

As a licensed esthetician trained at Douglas J. Aveda Institute and a classic movie fan, I invite you to take an “intermission” - a break from your crazy life and pamper yourself like a movie star. Here you can enjoy professional facial treatments and full body massage therapy services. We pride ourselves on catering our services to your individual needs and skin type. Our focus is on creating healthy skin care regimens, natural products, sun protection, and stress reduction. Balancing these important principles is the essence of having beautiful skin.


It’s time to take an “intermission” - indulge yourself and recall the Golden Age of Hollywood.



Amy Bizzigotti, Licensed Esthetician & Skincare Specialist

Breanne Ellington, Licensed Massage Therapist

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